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  • Lisa Nelthropp Early American Folk Art Muralist and Historical Portrait Painter  (15k)  -  ..preview About us Lisa M. Nelthropp, Primitive Muralist and Decorative Painter, has been painting for over 11 years. Lisa paints historical and primitive paintings, portraits and murals from.. ..muralist and historical portrait painter contact Gallery - Master Paintings for Sale To Inquire call 603-520-6983 The One Seed 30 ¾ x17 ¾ preview Pair.. - ndex3

  • Boston Mural Painters, New England Historical Preservation, Primitive Muralist: Lisa M.  (17k)  -  ..historical preservation, primitive muralist: lisa m. nelthropp lisa@theprimitivemuralist m 603 0 83 Historical Murals Mural Painting dates back to the time of the Romans, often providing a rich.. ..visual history of the time period. These historical murals echo the style of.. - ndex3

  • First Run Features Announces Theatrical Release of the Documentary Film "Gottfried Helnwein and The  (8k)  -  ..artist concerned primarily with psychological, sociological and historical issues who has worked as a painter, draftsman, photographer, muralist, sculptor, video and performance.. - ndex14

  • Murals  (118k)  -  ..Like Comment Boston Mural Painters, New England Historical Preservation, Primitive Muralist: Lisa M. Nelthropp theprimitivemuralist m Repin Like Comment Boston Mural Painters, New England Historical Preservation, Primitive Muralist: Lisa M. Nelthropp 1 repin.. - ndex3

  • Summary of the Dorothy Stewart papers, 1925-1955 | Archives of American Art, Smithsonian  (20k)  -  ..Stewart's work and 5 miscellaneous items. Biographical Historical Note: Painter, muralist, and printmaker. Donated 1963 by Dorothy Stewart via Sylvia Loomis. How to.. - ndex17

  • Artist David Tobey -- Biography, exhibitions, collections, and artist's statement  (19k)  -  ..historical painter and muralist Alton S. Tobey (1914-2005). He also had a serious interest in music, fostered perhaps in no small part by his mother.. - ndex7

  • Historical Society of Cheshire County, New Hampshire - HSCCNH  (8k)  -  ..of the Cheshire County Railroad by Keene muralist Barry Faulkner Welcome to the Historical Society of Cheshire County's web site. HSCC is a nonprofit educational.. - ndex22

  • Murals, muralist, mural artist, mosaics, mosaic artist, mosaic classes, Joshua Winer  (19k)  -  ..muralist, mural artist, mosaics, mosaic artist, mosaic classes, joshua winer Home About Murals Mosaics Artist-in-Residence & School Projects Chateau Picomtal & Decorative Painting Contact HISTORICAL AND COMMUNITY MURALS A blank building wall is the muralist's ideal canvas, rich with potential for creating.. - ndex3

  • David Tobey Artist Page  (9k)  -  ..329-2581. David, son of the late well-known historical painter, illustrator and muralist Alton S. Tobey (1914-2005), is a lifetime resident of Westchester who started painting.. - ndex7

  • Glen C Davies Muralist - mural artist, mural painter. Hospital, pediatric, and historical murals,  (6k)  -  ..muralist - mural artist, mural painter. hospital, pediatric, and historical murals, architectural trompe l’oeil murals. Glen C. Davies is a Midwestern muralist who specializes in hospital and pediatric murals, historical murals and architectural trompe l&rsquo oeil murals for interior and.. - ndex18

  • Lisa Nelthropp Early American Folk Art Muralist and Historical Portrait Painter  (18k)  -  ..muralist and historical portrait painter Home Gallery Commissioned Art Events In the news About Us & contact Lisa Nelthropp is a Primitive Muralist and Fine Artist. She paints in the style of the early.. - ndex3

  • murals by bob henry  (46k)  -  ..bob henry Henry Bob Henry is a Muralist, Artist and graphics designer with the expertise as a professional pictorial artist painter painting murals with HISTORICAL accuracy and Detail . Bob also DESIGNS and uses techniques such.. - ndex3

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    Colorfest 2013 Art Festival
    Colorfest 2013, Art and Taste of Appalachia, will be held on first Saturday in October in Dillsboro, NC.

    Valdosta Azalea Festival
    Joanne Griner is the creator and driving force who started Valdosta’s Azalea Festival. She recalls attending an out-of-town Georgia catfish festival several years ago on an August weekend. The trip represented everything she dislikes about festivals. It was hot, outdoors, crowded with sweating humanity, just plain awful. With the 10th Annual Azalea Festival in February with a decade of success behind the event, Griner is safe in making her admission.

    Kentucky State BBQ Festival
    Lightning Hopkins Mr Charlie VIDEO Kentucky BBQ Festival Danville KY to me, this is part of what BBQ is all about.

    May Arts Festivals in the SE
    May is a wonderful month for enjoying the arts in the Southeastern United States. From Charleston's world famous Spoleto Festival to the Atlanta Jazz Festival, here are several great celebrations of the arts.

    Gasparilla Pirate Festival at Tampa
    Join us as Downtown Tampa is transformed by music and merriment. with the wealth of beads, doubloons and other treasures – the Captain of Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla and his band of marauding buccaneers celebrate their successful invasion with a Pirate Fest Street Festival. Downtown Tampa will again host the Pirate Fest Street Festival, which will take place along Ashley Drive, from Kennedy to Cass Street. The festivities begin even before the pirates invade and capture the City – and they’ll continue until long after the last swashbuckling pirate has paraded through the streets!

    Pirate Weekend on the Santa Maria
    Over the weekend of third Saturday of September, a group of historical re-enactors and other piratical enthusiasts will be taking over the full size replica of the Santa Maria floating on the Scioto River in downtown Columbus Ohio. Come join us for a weekend of historic entertainment and excitement on board a full sized historic sailing ship. Battle re-enactments are scheduled for both days, these will likely take place early in the afternoon (TBD). Come take a tour of the ship and learn what life was like in the late 17th and early 18th century at the height of Caribbean piracy as compared to the late 15th century when Columbus made his historic journey across the Atlantic.

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