4 Asheville Murals

4 of Asheville's Historic Public Murals

     Asheville's players of music, tellers of mountain tales and ghost stories step out from large outdoor art murals and remind us of Asheville's romantic past at the 2017 dedication of four outdoor historical murals in the downtown area of Asheville. These murals were dedicated to the Appalachian Mural Trail to shine a light on the rich heritage of our mountains and talented local artists. This will enhance the visitor's experience to the Asheville area through educating them about our rich heritage through art, while sharing the creativity of the mountains.

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Lexington Gateway Mural Asheville, NC

Mural Description
Completed in 2007-2008, 3,000 square feet, Acrylic paint on concrete. Painted by 6 different artists: Molly Must, Daniel Beck, Joshua Spiceland, Harper Leich, Kurt Theasler, and Steve Lister of Asheville. The collaborative design depicts a stylized timeline of Western North Carolina history. One set of concrete piers is painted with six characters personifying different eras of experience. The first three represent the past; a Cherokee mother and child, an matriarchal Appalachian pioneer, and a black laborer of the Industrial Revolution. The last three represent the present and future of Asheville; an artist and urban planner, a cyclist, and a gardener. The second set of concrete piers is dedicated to artists and musicians in Asheville, and is comprised of six portraits of relevant personas.

Address: 130 N. Lexington Ave.
GPS Coordinates
Latitude:35.59911 Longitude:-82.554224
Chicken Alley Mural Asheville, NC

Mural Description
Completed in 2011, Asheville NC. 200 square foot mural with a 10-ft. rooster welcomes you to Chicken Alley. Designed and painted by Molly Must. The design of this mural interprets the history of the chicken-processing plant owned by Sam and Argie Young of Asheville, for which the alley is named. Sam and Argie’s granddaughter, Sandra Gudger (the only remaining family member with memories of the business), contributed stories and photographs to the project. Sandra’s memories are a testament to the rich agricultural heritage of not just her bee-keeping, poultry-raising family, but also of South Lexington Avenue, where a Asheville farmers market and many farm-supply shops used to be. Sandra is depicted in the mural as a young woman holding a jar of honey out to her viewer, with her pet black snake named "boy" at her feet. Molly collaborated with the Sandra in writing a poem further illustrating her visual memories, which is painted on the chicken alley mural.

Address: 4 Woodfin St.
GPS Coordinates
Latitude:35.59767 Longitude:-82.55331
Triangle Park Mural Asheville, NC

Mural Description
The mural is a memorial to history. It celebrates the stories of Asheville’s historic African-American business district and surrounding Valley Street/East-End neighborhoods. The mural spans the two sides of Triangle Park, at the intersection of Sycamore Alley and South Market Street in downtown Asheville, NC. This is the heart of "The Block," an historic area that remained the cultural and economic center for all of Western North Carolina’s African-American citizens from the time of Reconstruction until the years of integration and "urban renewal." Triangle Park is a remnant of this era, where people who grew up around Valley Street still gather. In an upwelling of community effort and care, nearly 100 volunteers helped paint the mural, many of whom have their own stories about the heyday of the Block.

Address: 58 S. Market St.
GPS Coordinates
Latitude:35.59381 Longitude:-82.55019
Shindig on the Green Mural Asheville, NC

Mural Description
Muralist, Doreyl Ammons Cain, interviewed Appalachian musicians throughout the Asheville, NC area and beyond, to find how their stories and music interconnected. She found that the majority of established musicians main goal was to pass on to the next generation of players what they had learned. So the idea for this musical mural flowed from there, titled "Golden Threads" the artwork starts with history, current musicians, then young talent, which all flows into Shindig on the Green, a gathering of musicians playing for thousands of people in Pack Square Park, Asheville, NC.

Address: 20 S. Spruce St.
GPS Coordinates
Latitude:35.5951 Longitude:-82.5496

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