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  • Sweet Maria's Web Forum &bull View topic - Are Costa Rican and Ethiopian Beans This Different??  (111k)  -  ..beans) @7:00 first crack @9:30 City+ FC(bean sizes were quite varied so it gave a bit of an uneven roast, still delicious) I didn't record my second attempt on the yirga,.. ..minutes and I pull the beans (City-City+) at 215-225C around 12-13 minutes. Yesterday, after a couple of minor modifications to my roasting setup, I tried Ethiopian Sidamos beans and things were quite different. Although first crack was still around.. ..that considered a wet processed b ean. Also, I couldn't wait any longer so I ground up some of what I consider a City+ or Full city roast. They tasted pretty good and.. - ndex1

  • Sweet Maria's Web Forum &bull View topic - My 1st and 2nd roast!!!!! WOOT!!! Your comments  (134k)  -  ..that point and cooled the beans. Lets call it a City roast. Lighter than the other 2 batche s I had done on Wed. Not sure.. ..am think I am at City Roast so I want to go a little further. 5: 20 - Now then beans look.. ..batches with the Ugly Panama bean and got some very decent roasts at City and Full City. I felt like I.. - ndex1

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  • Sweet Maria's Web Forum &bull View topic - HELP!! Carlos Imbachi Buenavista Oct 2011  (108k)  -  ..beans are at. I'm definitely at a city roast as these beans have the white line. They just look dark. eastbaysanfranman Green Bean Posts: 8 Joined: Fri Dec 10, 2010 2:25 am Top Re:.. ..crack, sometimes with a new bean I will do a roast in the popcorn popper to full city, just so I know how the bean goes from 1st to 2nd crack... ..does a smaller amount of bean so I don't waste 12oz in the Behmor learning the roast characteris tics. carol Full City Posts: 210 Joined: Sat Apr 03, 2010 4:35 pm Location: iowa.. - ndex1

  • Sweet Maria's Web Forum &bull View topic - First Time Roaster - Having Some Taste Problems  (126k)  -  ..suppose this is a Full City+ roast? Here's an image: I'll report back after I taste them tomorrow! achrity Green Bean Posts: 5 Joined: Fri Mar 22, 2013 1:40 pm Loc ation: Seattle,.. ..City- roast? Here's a photo: When I first tasted them yesterday, they were far better than the grocery store beans I'd been drinking, but they had an odd and unpleasant acrid.. ..Pulled and cooled at 15:20. Beans are very puffy and dark brown - not as dark as previous Java beans, much puffier than previous time roasting these beans. City+ maybe? Here's an image of how the beans turned out: As you.. - ndex1

  • Sweet Maria's Web Forum &bull View topic - Initial experiences with SR 500 and Summary  (124k)  -  ..after one minute. Good-looking even roast but, again, it took about 10 minutes before the beans looked like City+ to Vienna and I went to cool-down without hearing second crack... ..beans were well-browned and there were some cracks suggesting they were in the Full City stage at least, but I suspect the roasting was so slow that the CO2 and vapor emission was also.. ..beans were about the City+ to Full City stage the roasting was stopped before 2nd Crack. Tasted very sweet but not unpleasant. My next tasting.. - ndex1

  • Sweet Maria's Web Forum &bull View topic - Stovetop roasting - is it really a good idea???  (130k)  -  ..City, Philippines MindanaoBob Tan Bean Posts: 27 Joined: Fri Jun 05, 2009 5:28 am Location: Davao City, Philippines Website Top Re: Stovetop roasting - is it really a good idea??? by farmroast » Fri.. ..roast to save my life. It was either to light and grassy or tasted burnt. some beans would reach city+ before others even reached a drinkable level. 3 months ago I .. - ndex1

  • Sweet Maria's Web Forum &bull View topic - Does a behmor make coffee taste better then a hot air  (124k)  -  ..the drum, and dump the beans into an external bean cooler. This allows me to stop the roast at the level I want (City Plus, etc You can easily hear the effect if you roast beans to second crack. I.. ..today was a india poabs roasted to full city+ and has no pizaz or flavor, just flat. I beginning to think it's my roasting to because all the 8 of the different beans ive tried now ttasted.. - ndex1

  • Sweet Maria's Web Forum &bull View topic - Kenya Nyeri Ngunguru peaberry  (105k)  -  ..compared to past years Kenya beans. I roasted to city+. I've been roasting for about 3 years and Kenya.. ..cup is so excellent? The roasted beans look a little darker than most other city + beans, which is par for the course for Kenyans. I know Tom.. ..responding. I tried the same roast 6 days out, no more papery taste but I still wasn't that impressed with it compared to past years.. - ndex1

  • Sweet Maria's Web Forum &bull View topic - Whirley Pop Roasting in the SoCal desert.  (118k)  -  ..the library. It appears the roast made it to Full City since there were some beans that had an oily sheen once cooled. Kashbroo Yellowing Posts: 12.. ..beans. Look forward to heairing more about your adventures. Mary milknmycoffee City Roast Posts: 106 Joined: Tue Dec 01, 2009 4:34 pm Top Re: Whirley.. ..pm Top Re: Whirley Pop Roasting in the SoCal desert. by Kashbroo » Fri Oct 16, 2015 7:22.. - ndex1

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