Appalachian Mural Trail

Creation of Historic Mural Art
for Joey's Pancake House
Maggie Valley, NC

Doreyl is roughing in flat shapes & colors in the first photo of the slider images for the very beginning of the mural painting process... next the following photo shows the extreme attention to detail on the old truck...
continue checking back often to see additional images as they are gradually added in the complete unfolding process of an muralist at work.

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Mural Artist: Doreyl Ammons Cain
Member/Sponsor: Joey's Pancake House

The Mural Creation Process

    Maggie Valley, North Carolina   is a town that sparks your imagination with memorial images. The Ghost Town theme park, the Stomping Ground's mountain music, dinner theater, fine dining, shopping for crafts, ski slopes, connecting with the Blue Ridge Parkway, motorcycles, bear & elk and camping by Jonathan Creek are unforgettable. All of these images will be a part of a new mural commissioned by Roy Milling, the new owner of Joey's Pancake House. The mural artist who has accepted the challenge is Doreyl Ammons Cain of the Appalachian Mural Trail. Once finished the mural will cover the wall in the foyer, which is 25 feet long. This is where folks wait to have a seat to have breakfast in this famous pancake house.

"The idea is for folks who are waiting to have a fun experience as they find all kinds of interesting images of Maggie Valley in the art mural!" says Roy Milling.

The glassed in foyer will have spotlights on the mural so passing visitors can see the mural through the glass. To be scheduled is an unveiling of the mural and it's dedication to the Appalachian Mural Trail, which is intended to draw more folks into Maggie Valley from the Blue Ridge Parkway.

"This is an exciting art project for me," says Doreyl Ammons Cain. "I have been to Ghost Town, danced at the Stomping Ground and tasted fudge at Maggie's Mountaineer Crafts, things I'll always remember. My best efforts will be put into this tribute to Maggie Valley!"

The mural is expected to take 3 months to paint. So stay tuned for the unveiling date in the fall of 2018.

Doreyl is roughing in flat shapes & colors in this photo of the very beginning of the mural painting process.

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