Appalachian Mural Trail

Featured: Shenandoah Valley Mural
"Mountain Trails Mural"
Front Royal, VA

Latitude:38.91821, Longitude:-78.1919708

Mural Artist: Jacquelyn Ris
Trail Member/Sponsor: Front Royal/Warren County Tourism

Mural Descriptions

    Featured Mural - "Mountain Trails Mural"  This mural is a depiction of all the things hikers may see on the Appalachian Trail - including rock walls that are great for climbers, waterfalls, the Blue Ridge skyline, and the mountain laurel bushes that are characteristic of our Shenandoah Valley area.
  Mural Artist: Jacquelyn Ris
  Location: 120 East Main Street

    Mural Mention#1 - "Untitled"  This mural is located inside the Warren County Visitors Center and is displaying a nature scene across a beautiful wide river valley.
  Mural Artist: Patricia Windrowh
  Location: 414 East Main Street

    Mural Mention#2 - "Untitled"  A peaceful valley scene with a rising full moon.
  Mural Artist: Unknown
  Location: 7 Kidd Lane

"Untitled" Mural Mention #1
Artist: Patricia Windrowh



"Untitled" Mural Mention #2
Artist: Unknown


Featured Artist Bio

    Jacquelyn Ris  As a kid, my family moved around a lot and we lived abroad for many years. For the four years we were in Germany, I saw many breathtaking pieces of art, including those being made in front of crowds by street artists and those embedded in age-old architecture. Though it wasn't these masterpieces that inspired me to start painting, it was my sisters elaborate stick figure drawings. Eventually, I moved from landscapes into realistic portraiture, working on larger and larger scales as I advanced through my art classes in school. Only in the past year have I taken to the idea of working on pieces of art two stories high. More than anything the experience has been a fun ride and a good side project next to my newfound career in cinema.

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