Appalachian Mural Trail

Featured: Public Poetry Mural Art
"Maurice's Mockingbird Mural"
Roanoke, VA

Blue Ridge MilePost: 120
Latitude:37.2643549, Longitude:-79.9589423


MURALIST: Toobz (Scott Noel)
Trail Member/Sponsor: Roanoke Art Mural Project

Mural Descriptions

    Featured Mural - "Maurice's Mockingbird Mural"  is a tribute to area poet, writer, and mentor Maurice Ferguson, by a group of writer-admirers. The stanza is from Ferguson's poem "Sailing for the East Indies." It is believed to be Roanoke's first poetry mural. Artist Toobz (Scott Noel) and the group was assisted by RAMP - Roanoke Art Mural Project in procuring the wall (on a convenience store in an area that is up-and-coming) and in the installation. Located a short block from the Wasena Tap Room and a climbing gym, and the Roanoke Greenway, this a must-stop if you are near Roanoke, Virginia.
  Mural Artist: Toobz (Scott Noel)
  Location: 1115 Main St SW

    Mural Mention#1 - "Untitled"  Mural-savvy owner of The Lofts at West Station, Bill Campbell, hired American-born, Berlin-based street artist James Bullough to install this mural on the West side of the building. The mural doesn't have a title. The artist declines to explain what his paintings mean. Just one more example of our vibrant, progressive small city, Roanoke.
  Mural Artist: James Bullough
  Location: 357 Salem Avenue SW
  GPS: Latitude:37.272766, Longitude:-79.9480

    Mural Mention#2 - "Humanufacturing"  Fine woodworker Tom Dorathy and Cory Dorathy commissioned artist Toobz to paint the exterior of the Greenway Storage building where Tom creates magnificent furniture. "Humanufacturing" and a stately heron grace two sides of the metal building, which sits adjacent to a redeveloped Ice Storage facility that now houses apartments, the Wasena Taproom, and a rock climbing gym. Artist Toobz (Scott Noel) designed and installed this massive piece without assistance. Located just steps from the Roanoke Greenway, the art and activities make this a must-stop if you are near Roanoke, Virginia. It is just a short block from Toobz's "Maurice's Mockingbird Mural."
  Mural Artist: Toobz
  Location: 1306 8th St SW
  GPS: Latitude:37.262666, Longitude:-79.957216

"Untitled" Mural Mention #1
Artist: James Bullough


"Humanufacturing" Mural Mention #2
Artist: Toobz



Artists Bio

    Toobz (Scott Noel)  is a self-taught Roanoke, Virginia fine artist who has been creating murals for many years. Toobz was raised in Lynchburg, Virginia and was part of the skateboard scene for many years, traveling around the country before settling in Roanoke. His paintings and illustrations have been in several exhibitions and reside in private collections as well as the Taubman Museum of Art.

    James Bullough  is an American born artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. His studio paintings, and huge monumentally scaled site-specific murals combine delicately handled realistic portraiture with harsh graphic distortion and abstraction. Inspired by the gritty urban graffiti he saw as a youth growing up in Washington, DC, Bullough harnessed it’s energy and edge while teaching himself more traditional realistic oil painting techniques by studying the Old Masters. Combining the momentum of the one and the technical precision of the other, his work is about staging compelling contrasts and juxtapositions. Wether working with spray paint on massive facades or oils in his studio, Bullough’s work strikes a delicate balance between realistic portraiture and stylized distortions, straddling the space between traditional and contemporary.

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