AMT @ West Jefferson, NC

"New River Traditions" Featured Mural
West Jefferson, NC

"The Mural Town"
Exit BR Parkway MilePost: 261
  Muralist: Marianne DiNapoli-Mylet
Trail Member/Sponsor: Ashe County Chamber of Commerce

Mural Descriptions

    Featured Mural - New River Traditions features two musicians playing traditional instruments and other scenes from Ashe County, past and present, the Virginia Creeper train, a family enjoying a picnic along the New River and the natural beauty of our area. Created in October 1998.

    Mural Mention#1 Unity in Diversity In the summer of 2006, another mural entitled Unity in Diversity was added to the downtown landscape. The bright and colorful mural has a home on the side of Boondocks Brew Haus. Winston Salem artist Marianne DiNapoli-Mylet worked with students at the Ashe Middle School to create a mural that reflects the landscape of Ashe County, the music and the people who live and work here. Unity, diversity, peace and tolerance in Spanish border the mural design. Along with volunteers from the Latino Center, students painted the mural on fabric panels that were adhered to the wall with a special adhesive followed by a protective coating. This mural project was part of an Arts in Education Residency Grant funded by the North Carolina Arts Council, a state agency, and the Ashe Middle School. Additional funding was provided by Handmade in America and the West Jefferson Community Partnership and the Ashe County Arts Council. - Location: 302 S Jefferson Ave
    Lead Artist: Marianne DiNapoli-Mylet

    Mural Mention#2 Spring Wildflowers on Mt.Jefferson depicts a close up of spring wildflowers, a view of the cliffs and foliage on top of the mountain and a distant view of Mt. Jefferson. Created in June 1998. - Location: 205 South Jefferson Ave
    Lead Artist: Robert Johnson

    Mural Mention#3 Cut at Devil Stairs was completed on the Dollar Tire Building. The mural is reminiscent of a time when the railroad was vital to the life of Ashe County. This mural was made possible by the collaborative effort and funding of the Ashe County Revitalization Committee, Handmade in America and the Ashe County Arts Council. - Location: 107 E 2nd St
    Lead Artist: Stephen Shoemaker

Unity in Diversity Mural Mention #1

Spring Wildflowers on Mt.Jefferson Mural Mention #2

Cut at Devil Stairs Mural Mention #3  

Artist Bio: Marianne DiNapoli-Mylet

    Marianne has painted over 23 murals in a span of 5 years in and around North Carolina. Painting murals has been somewhat lucrative, allowing her to move into a studio in 1999) in the Downtown Arts District of Winston-Salem. She became an active member of DADA (The Downtown Art District Association) and for the past 3 summers and has led community murals in the arts district during the "Summer on Trade" concerts where all ages and experience levels were invited to participate.

    Her studio work deals with musical genres, depicting a spontaneous moment in a performance. She has found that brush strokes have become much freer from painting on large walls. The inconsistencies in various wall surfaces and how paints layer over the rough areas fascinate her. She begun applying textural elements to her paintings (such as onion bags, paper towels and fabric) to achieve results similar to the murals. She also has been using spray paint for atmospheric effects and to create patterns of color from a one-directional spray. The complex motions and emotions of music and dance that help to define a sub culture has become her passion. She strives to convey the raw power of rhythm through my medium - brush, spray paint and crayon and by capturing musical spontaneity that she hopes to entice the viewer to feel the pulse of the music.

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     AMT @ West Jefferson, NC

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     AMT @ West Jefferson, NC


    comment by: Gloria
Love, love, love ❤ all the art we saw and experienced while in Asheville!!Laura

    comment by: Lois
Brilliant way to allow visitors to enjoy the sites and sounds that Asheville has to offer.

    comment by: Rebecca&Susan
We just loved all of the murals in Asheville! Asheville is a fun vibrant interesting town!

    comment by: Catherine Wilson
    (Asheville, NC)

As a member of Carolina Street Mural group, I learned about The Appalachian Mural Trail! After reviewing your web page. I planned my road trips to locate the trail murals, reflect on them and photograph memories of my trip!

    comment by: Tammy Compton
    (Fort Myers, Florida)

Love it! We went looking to take selfies with 3 and found over 20 murals!

    comment by: Angie Trapp
    (Concord, NC)

Beautiful mural in Sparta, one of my favorite places! 😊❤️

    comment by: Debra
    (Falls Church City, VA)

Thanks for letting me know! What a great project!
It added cool stops to my visit and I love seeing art and the artist was around that day to meet.

    comment by: Cristy (Mountain City, TN)
We have been getting much more traffic around our murals, and a lot of it is due to the publicity from your organization!
Thank you!
We will unveil our newest (and largest) mural on September 4th.

    comment by: Cindy Hedrick Day
It's beautiful! Thank you!!!!
Awesome! You made my day! Love love love it!.
I saw the email re the Mural Trail special in process of being made. Can't wait to see it. We are working to finish our projects, exhibit changes, etc. Who knew it would take so long! But, it's soon finished!!!
Looking forward to seeing this!
Thank you again!!!

    comment by: Marcie Toomey
This is our second visit to Holy Trinity.. we always leave blessed and humbled ❤️

    comment by: Chelsea
Thank you so much for the quick response! I received my shirt and thoroughly enjoyed the trail! Thank you for all of the hard work put into this project!

    comment by: Debbie Dillion
Just came across your website and it is great! I plan to look for these murals in my travels. A phone app would be awesome.

    comment by: Carol
Lincolnton, NC, is loaded with murals! And I love them all!

    comment by: Barry & Cindy Beaulieu
we got to see the Fresco in W. Jefferson NC and is amazing ... we were on our two wheeler the Voyager... nature declares there is a God... everywhere you look... thanking ya'll so very very much...

    comment by: Vickie Sealock
    (Welcome Center Manager)

I love what you folks are doing. Several years ago we went to Exeter California to see their Mural trail. We spent hours in this little town looking at the murals and trying to find the hidden objects in each. We talked with the towns people, had lunch, shopped in the shops. I love the mural trails, and yours is going to be one of the best. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

    comment by: Liz
Art is everywhere in Asheville! This gorgeous mural of Dolly Parton by Gus Cutty is the newest mural you'll see in town. Gus created the mural with spray paint in 3 days. See it for yourself at Beauty Parade on Haywood Rd in West Asheville.

    comment by: Karen
Roanoke murals are awesome to see... love the mural with girl floating in air... the poetry one was neat!

    comment by: Big Tom
This is great mural art, will be remembered a long time...

    comment by: Bob
This is very expansive mural, covers many walls inside the cradle building. Beautiful art mural, a must see!

    comment by: Dolly
Love the big murals!!!

    comment by: Lisa Patten
I love the mural trail. It's like seeing a gift at Christmas!

    comment by: Ann Barbare
Beautiful mural of Maggie Valley

    comment by: Jennifer
Love your mural artwork! The local references, the depiction of marvelous, beautiful, and colorful nature - landscapes, birds, animals, butterflies, and glorious flowers - invites close study and is very engaging!

    comment by: Carol
Looks like progress being made! Can't wait to see the mural at Joeys.

    comment by: anonymous
Can't wait to see this beautiful mural art in person at Joey's Pancake House

    comment by: Amy
I love your little sneak-a-peek view. Need more...

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     AMT @ West Jefferson, NC

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