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Upload and Share your favorite mural of any type from any location with others.

    Imagine you are just walking along and stumble upon something... a huge work of art... a mural. The art makes you want to stop and really look in a new way. You have become a mural spotter!

    Public mural art is created just for you. You can stay as long as you want and really feel what the artist intended. You feel guided to take out your smart phone and snap a picture. Now you just take a moment to jot down how you feel, your impressions of the art and background information. Next go to our site and upload pictures and any notations to share with other mural enthusiasts.
    Your creative time donation is appreciated and will help expand the Appalachian Mural Trail movement.

    Once a mural spotter, always a mural spotter. You'll always be looking...

    All murals are important and we will not leave any mural behind. Our mission as spotters is to locate and place each and every mural throughout the Appalachian Mountains and beyond(mostly North America) on the Mural Spotting site.

    Upload and share your favorite mural of any type from any place in the world with others.
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