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Globular Cluster & Deep Sky Objects

  • NED data for the Messier Objects  (200k)  -  ..(NGC 5272) . Globular Cluster, class.. ..(NGC 6121) . Globular Cluster, class IX, in Scorpius NED data file for M4 (Jun 18,.. ..(NGC 5904) . Globular Cluster, class V, in Serpens Caput NED data file for .. - ndex1

  • Comet | Gary Ayton photography  (66k)  -  ..F6), 47 Tucanae globular cluster and Small Magellanic Cloud imaged.. ..passed the Tucanae globular cluster and the Small Magellanic Cloud galaxy here . On the 2nd.. ..passing the beautiful globular cluster 47 Tucanae and our neighbouring galaxy, the Small Magellanic Cloud. This.. - ndex0

  • Miscellaneous Astronomy Images  (55k)  -  ..globular cluster Images: A medium sized, reduced K version (95 K) of a medium-big sized image.. ..globular cluster in Ara Images: A medium sized, reduced K version (64 K) of a medium-big.. ..Enjoy the viewing!!! Globular Clusters NGC 104 : Information at SEDS , a globular cluster in Tucana Images: A medium sized,.. - ndex0

  • Globular Cluster in Hercules | Evening Sky Tours, LLC  (29k)  -  ..globular cluster in hercules | evening sky tours, llc Galaxies Globular Cluster in Hercules Saturn (through September 2013).. ..Resources Testimonials FAQ Globular Cluster in Hercules M13 is one of the.. ..and best known globular clusters. Visible with binoculars in the constellation of Hercules, M13 is frequently.. - ndex0

  • Best Astronomy Images  (50k)  -  ..Carinae Barnard's Galaxy globular cluster M22 planetary nebula Hubble 5 globular cluster M55 galaxy cluster Abell 2218 and Supernova 1987a Nebula.. ..nebula IC 4406 globular cluster NGC 104 .. ..The Crescent Nebula globular cluster M14 M83, the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy Eta .. - ndex0

  • Deep-Sky Gems | The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada  (47k)  - Lynx and Globular cluster in.. ..Number Notes Open Clusters 14 Including the overlooked naked-eye open cluster NGC 752, Tombaugh’s Cluster, and the Christmas Tree Cluster in Monoceros. Globular Clusters 14 “Intergalactic Wanderer” in Lynx and.. ..Window two faint globular clusters close to Galactic Centre - Sagittarius L120 NGC 6451 17 50.7.. - ndex0

  • StarClusters  (32k)  -  ..3 M2 - Globular Cluster in Aquarius 10-06-07 San Pasqual OPT site, CA Losmandy G-11 Gemini,.. Photoshop CS2 Globular Cluster M3 04-10-07 Laguna Niguel, CA Losmandy G-11 Gemini, Takahashi TSA-102 at.. ..starclusters page Star Clusters Open Clusters Globular Clusters NGC 5139 - Omega Centauri 02-17-07 Ortega Highway,.. - ndex0

  • Extragalactic Globulars  (11k)  -  ..requirements of a globular cluster in both galaxies is almost certainly the nucleus of the SD.. ..and identifying the globular clusters. Click HERE.. ..8 . Imaging Globular Clusters in M31 Three amateur astronomers at the Ferguson Observatory in Northern.. - ndex0

  • Planetary Nebula In Globular Cluster M22  (44k)  -  ..Planetary In This Cluster? Near the heart of this magnificant globular cluster lies a very unusual planetary nebula.. ..known PNe's within globular clusters - Pease1, GJJC1, and one each in NGC6441 and PAL.. ..PN in a globular cluster. (Doug's note: there are now at least 4 known PNe's within.. - ndex0

  • BGSU Variable Star Project  (47k)  -  ..Cluster NGC 6496, AAS, 203 05 Layden et al., Photometry of the Globular Cluster NGC 3201 and Its Variable Stars,.. ..of the Metal-rich Globular Cluster NGC 6441, 1999, AJ, 117, 1313 . Other Contributors and Affiliates.. ..globular cluster NGC 6441. Layden et al., The Variable Stars and Blue Horizontal Branch of the.. - ndex1

  • Deep-Sky Observing Special Interest Group  (12k)  -  ..more numerous than globular clusters. About 1,000 open clusters are visible through telescopes and there may.. ..planetary nebulae, star clusters, globular clusters, etc. The Deep-sky Interest Group is open to anyone interested.. ..of the larger globulars having as many as a million stars while open clusters have a much looser structure and.. - ndex0

  • M31 Globs  (3k)  -  ..globular identified on the CCD image at mag (V) = 17 These are globular clusters associated with NGC 205 (M110), one.. ..and identifying the globular clusters. These are some of their early results. (Click on the thumbnail.. ..m31 globs Imaging Globular Clusters in M31 Globular Clusters in M31 The Brightest Globular in M31 Atlas of the Andromeda.. - ndex0

  • CCDImages  (29k)  -  ..of frame) M75.jpg Globular Cluster M76 g.. ..Galaxy M67.jpg Open Cluster M68 g Globular Cluster M69 g Globular Cluster M70 g Globular Cluster M71 g Globular Cluster M72 g Globular Cluster M73 g Asterism M74 g Spiral Galaxy (Centered,.. ..Open Clusster M19.jpg Globular Cluster M20 g Trifid Nebula M21 g Open Cluster M22 g Globular Cluster M23 g Open Cluster M24 g.. - ndex0

  • Deep Sky Observing - Observing Projects  (23k)  -  ..the dimmer open clusters, diffuse nebulae, and globular clusters. Observing many of these objects proved too.. ..globular clusters using the AL observing program rules, working toward 100. The minimum requirement is 50... ..clusters and globular clusters, although nebulae (diffuse and planetary) are also well represented. Astronomical League Herschel.. - ndex0

  • Messier Index  (23k)  -  ..globular cluster in Ophiuchus M13 Great Hercules Globular Cluster globular cluster in Hercules M14 globular cluster in Ophiuchus M15 globular cluster in Pegasus M16 Eagle Nebula or.. ..Coma Berenices M54 globular cluster in Sagittarius M55 globular cluster in Sagittarius M56 globular cluster in Lyra M57 The Ring Nebula.. ..globular cluster in Ophiuchus M63 Sunflower galaxy spiral galaxy in Canes Venatici M64 Blackeye galaxy spiral.. - ndex0

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