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Long Period Variables & Deep Sky Observing

  • The BAV - an Introduction.  (10k)  -  ..stars) Miras und Long Period Variables with observation series partially since 1950 (71 stars) Semi- and.. ..Miras and other Long period variables you have to estimate the stars brightness during many weeks.. ..Eclipsing binaries with long periods requiring observating techniques like Miras and other Long period variables (20 stars) RR Lyrae stars standard.. ..special types of variables long term light curves are taken into consideration. Among other things the.. - ndex1

  • Telescope Reviews: Frequent bad weather make you think of selling?  (223k)  -  ..door for short period variables using observing techniques I've learned from watching long period variables, but keeping track of the data.. ..long period variables to be wonderfully well suited for spotty weather. These stars typically vary over.. - ndex11

  • Photometry  (3k)  -  ..photometric monitoring of Long Period Variables: M-type MIRAs S and C type MIRAs Read the following.. - ndex0

  • AAVSO: AAVSO Bulletin 72 for 2009 - LPV Predictions  (14k)  -  ..and Minima of Long Period Variables for 2009 Notes to Observers for 2009 Introduction to Bulletin.. - ndex4

  • Telescope Reviews: Orion Atlas 8" f/4.9 Dob Replacement  (23k)  -  ..I observe mostly long period variables and DSO's. I have been very happy with the Orion.. - ndex6

  • AAVSO: Publications section  (15k)  -  ..and Minima of Long Period Variables Fundamental tool in planning your observing schedule each month. It.. - ndex3

  • AAVSO: AAVSO Section  (12k)  -  ..include the Mira variables , or the long period variable stars, and eclipsing binaries such as.. - ndex3

  • AAVSO: Mentor Program  (19k)  -  ..for over 500 long period variables (LPVs) in the Bulletin. Submitting Observations to the AAVSO How.. - ndex3

  • Amateur Contributions to Science - Astronomy Directory  (3k)  -  ..variable stars (especially long period variables). Also includes details of the hardware and software, news, tutorials.. - ndex3

  • Telescope Reviews: Mono CCD and refractor  (57k)  -  ..huge halos around long period Mira-type variables. In fact this is a clever way of hunting.. - ndex5

  • Telescope Reviews: 4 hours of M20 + BONUS variable star!  (53k)  -  .."bright" M class long period variables that are good subjects for a DSLR and with R.. - ndex15

  • Telescope Reviews: Photometry Question  (33k)  -  ..set of faint long period variables to be very helpful. These usually offer a plentiful supply.. - ndex5

  • Untitled1  (17k)  -  ..Bulletin 64 for long period variables is here , and a list of easy to observe.. - ndex1

  • Astronomy  (6k)  -  .."Synthetic Spectra of Long-Period Variables: A first comparison with ISO observations", Ap&SS 251, .. winds of long-period variables. V e influence of micro-physical dust properties in carbon stars", A&A 400,.. ..Colours of Carbon-Rich Long-Period-Variables Topic of PhD thesis (approved February 2001 at.. - ndex1

  • New VLBA Site  (8k)  -  ..evolved stars. Mira variables are long-period pulsating stars in the late stages of stellar evolution on.. - ndex0

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