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North Galactic Pole & Deep Sky Observing

  • Abstvol1  (5k)  -  ..degrees) near the North Galactic Pole. Five IIIaJ and four IIIaF plates were .. ..galaxies at the North Galactic Pole: The Catalogue The North Galactic Pole Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Catalogue of faint galaxies.. ..galaxies at the North Galactic Pole: The Catalogue L. Infante*, C Pritchet and G. Hertling [ca... - ndex1

  • Telescope Reviews: My orientation to the galactic plane  (74k)  - this the north galactic pole and not the south? Probably because this pole lies in the northern celestial hemisphere as seen from earth... ..galactic disk. The head side points toward the north ecliptic pole, and the tail side points toward.. ..north galactic pole is above the table, and the south galactic pole below. A coin will represent the.. on the galactic plan. The north and south pole of the sun run parallel to.. - ndex18

  • **** Spectroscopic Catalogues ****  (107k)  -  ..Earlier in a North Galactic Pole Region [SS59] by Slettebak,Stock,1959 S 21KB 4 files 3015 NAOJ.. ..Stars in a North Galactic Pole Region.. ..Stars in a North Galactic Pole Region NGP by Upgren,1962 S 40KB 3 files 3011A NASA.. ..Pole Region UI by Upgren,1963 S 20KB 2 files 3010A NASA CDS NAOJ G5 and Later.. - ndex1

  • Telescope Reviews: Cone Error  (49k)  -  ..exactly at the North Galactic Pole as well. If there is .. ..exactly at the north galactic pole, and turn the declination shaft to 90 degrees, the telescope.. - ndex7

  • 5C Surveys  (17k)  -  ..area near the north galactic pole. The catalog data include the serial (source) number, right ascension.. ..survey near the North Galactic Pole I. The 5C12 catalogue C Benn, G. Grueff and M... - ndex1

  • Groth Home Page, revised Tuesday, 03-Nov-2009 21:08:51 EST  (11k)  -  ..Northern or Southern Galactic hemisphere is projected onto a circle with the pole at the center and the equator.. ..projection has the North or South Galactic Pole at the center with galactic latitude going linearly to 0 at.. ..boundary. In the Northern hemisphere map, the galactic center is towards.. - ndex4

  • 2QZ Basics  (4k)  -  ..) near the North Galactic Pole in.. ..Galactic Pole at declination=-30° in the range RA=21 h 40 to 03 h 15 (the SGP.. - ndex3

  • Science videos | Science | The Guardian  (92k)  -  ..raging around Saturn's north pole Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo makes.. ..north pole - video Video (1min 38sec) , 1 May 2013 Nasa's Cassini spacecraft has provided.. - ndex0

  • Sun - Academic Kids  (72k)  -  ..67.23? (to the galactic plane ) Right ascension of North pole 1 ( http: www sky g iau-iag m ).. ..s) Declination of North pole 63 ?.. - ndex0

  • Space | Science | The Guardian  (119k)  -  ..swirling around Saturn's north pole - video (1min 38sec) Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo makes first rocket-powered flight -.. - ndex0

  • Big Picture  (2k)  -  ..zenith is the North Galactic Pole, in the constellation Coma.. - ndex1

  • Advanced Telescope Supplies  (22k)  -  ..North and South Galactic Poles. Overlay Pictures from the Digitized Sky Survey Overlay pictures from the.. - ndex3

  • NASA - NASA's Fermi, Swift See 'Shockingly Bright' Burst  (23k)  -  ..centered on the north galactic pole. The first frame shows the sky during a three-hour interval.. - ndex0

  • New Page 1  (11k)  -  ..Plate Scanner - North Galactic Pole AGC Arecibo General Catalog 2MASX 2 Micron All Sky Survey.. - ndex0

  • The NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey  (17k)  -  ..region near the North Galactic Pole, centered on approximately RA = 14 h 30 m 00.. - ndex3

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