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Objective reviews for equipment and accessories submitted by astronomers, articles, classifieds, and forums.

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The sale of hobby related equipment and accessories listed for free.

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Complete second hand and new optical trading web site. Optics and lenses found here.

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Variable Star Atlas & Deep Sky Observing

  • Minnesota Astronomical Society  (18k)  -  ..QuikFinder Moon Filter Variable Intensity Red Flashlight Instructions Orion Planisphere Messier Charts Mag. 7 Star Atlas Laminated Messier Card Laminated Caldwell Card.. ..finder Moon filter Variable intensity red flashlight Dew shield Planisphere Messier charts Mag. 7 Star Atlas Laminated Messier Card Laminated Caldwell Card.. - ndex0

  • Contents  (12k)  -  ..Taki's 8.5 Magnitude Star Atlas are revised. Many variable stars are added and labeled. (35) 34th.. ..Taki's 8.5 Magnitude Star Atlas are revised. Many variable stars are added and labeled. - Sketch.. - ndex3

  • Astronomical Society of Greater Hartford Library  (302k)  -  ..Title Published AAVSO Variable Star Atlas Abell George O. Exploration of the Universe 4th edition 1982.. - ndex0

  • Telescope Reviews: What are your favorite 3 astronomy books and why?  (274k)  - double and variable stars). Finally, the moon maps are a "poor man's Rukl atlas". The maps were indeed hand-drawn by.. ..detailed has his Atlas of the Moon.. - ndex13


  • Telescope Reviews: Favorite Astronomy Books?  (119k)  -  ..with a good star atlas, like Norton's. There are hundreds of tables of double and variable stars, variable star finder charts, and discussions and photos.. - ndex13

  • The HPOL Spectropolarimeter  (7k)  -  ..Medium (ISM) Be Stars (Be) - A Spectropolarimetric Atlas of 61 Northern Be Stars-Vol. 1 (1989-1994 Results) Luminous Red Variables (LRVs) Hot Super Giants (OBsg) Interacting.. - ndex4

  • Library  (20k)  -  ..NGC 20000 Norton's star Atlas Observing Variable Stars Pathfinder and the Best of Mars CD Projects.. ..Travel a History Starlight Nights Telescopes for Sky Gazing The Amateur Astronomers Catalog The Amateur Astronomers.. - ndex2

  • Telescope Reviews: O.K. Sell me a mount. Atlas EQ-G vs Celestron CGE  (241k)  -  ..em comming) and start researching images taken with the Atlas and variable equipment on different websites. If I.. - ndex10

  • MAST High-Level Science Products  (86k)  -  ..Star: solar type Star: cataclysmic variable Star: variable Solar System Kuiper Belt Objects Image Atlases GALEX Atlas of Nearby Galaxies PI: Armando Gil.. - ndex4

  • Favorite Links  (18k)  -  ..General Catalogue of Variable Stars Catalog and Atlas of Cataclysmic Variables Information Bulletin on Variable Stars STScI Digitized Sky Survey Aladin Sky.. ..Survey Aladin Sky Atlas SIMBAD database query Links to fellow amateur astronomers websites Gene Hanson Gary.. - ndex2

  • Variable Star Observing Biography  (8k)  -  ..scope. Fortunately, this atlas also had variable stars plotted that is, if their.. - ndex2

  • The Hipparcos Space Astrometry Mission  (44k)  -  ..2000 The Millennium Star Atlas The Tycho-2 Catalogue Educational Resources High Proper Motion Stars Variable Stars Double and Multiple Stars Hipparcos Gallery Stereo Images Hipparcos Statistics.. - ndex1

  • Observatory Page  (41k)  -  ..of the AAVSO Variable Star Atlas and recipient of both the AAVSO Director's Award and the.. - ndex2

  • Telescope Reviews: Red star in the vecinity of Rigel?  (59k)  -  ..cases in Sky Atlas 2000.0 2nd Edition , but not identified as carbon stars. But the variable star symbol is used, of course. Clear.. - ndex13

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