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Widefield Photography & Deep Sky Objects

  • Telescope Reviews: Required Catseye Tools  (114k)  -  ..the application? Film photography? DSLR imaging? Widefield DSO observations? High magnification planetary observations? Depending on the.. ..the application? Film photography? DSLR imaging? Widefield DSO observations? High magnification.. - ndex6

  • Telescope Reviews: Is more aperture ever a bad thing?  (215k)  -  ..longer focal length, widefield photography becomes more and more expensive or difficult or both with extra.. ..longer focal length, widefield photography becomes more .. - ndex11

  • Telescope Reviews: Recommended secondary size  (176k)  -  ..are good if widefield photography is your top .. ..are good if widefield photography is your top priority. Post Extras: Jon Isaacs Postmaster Reged:.. - ndex17

  • Telescope Reviews: so i paid off my scope  (139k)  -  ..i do love photography and could use it for widefield, so i dont know if this.. ..suggesting. Btw for widefield photography, you can piggyback your camera on your existing mount and expose.. - ndex18

  • Telescope Reviews: Hows this for a equipment layout idea?  (44k)  -  ..widefield photography. 2) A little later down the track when if I want to shoot through.. ..this mount for widefield photography. Sounds great. Should work like a charm. Quote: 2) A little.. - ndex7

  • Telescope Reviews: Celestron ADM mount (cg5) for astrophotography  (31k)  -  ..slr lenses for widefield photography, with ED80, and late perhaps with fast newton. Is this combination.. ..slr lenses for widefield photography, with.. - ndex10

  • Telescope Reviews: Two winter classics.  (60k)  -  ..Bigger: http: Photography Widefield-images-including i-DPrc68n 0 X3 M45-COMPOSITE-FIN-sRGB-X3 g Olly Post Extras:.. ..Bigger http: Photography Widefield-images-including i-Vpp6WdT 0 X3 HH-NEB-328-7-HRS-ADOBE-srgb-X3 g.. - ndex5

  • Telescope Reviews: Widefield Milkyway from Mangrove Mountain  (56k)  -  ..widefield photography away from home. The image below is the outcome from the night a.. ..night a widefield Milkyway image taken with my Canon 350D and 28mm f 2.8 lens,.. - ndex15

  • Telescope Reviews: Sadr Widefield  (36k)  -  ..second attempt at widefield photography. I snapped this.. ..10 06 Sadr Widefield # 2552651 - 07 31 08 02:06 PM Edit Reply Quote Quick.. - ndex15

  • Telescope Reviews: Looking for goto tripod for imaging...  (67k)  -  ..widefield photography only. Post Extras: Midnight Dan Postmaster Reged: 01 23 08 Loc: Hilton, NY, Yellow.. ..started with some widefield astro-photography. I would like to use a tripod to mount a DSLR.. to do widefield milky way shots. I also would like to be able swap out.. - ndex12

  • Telescope Reviews: Cone to Rosette widefield.  (43k)  - http: Photography Widefield-images-including CONE-ROSETTE-STARS-finished 1188325542 fy67Y-X2 g Cheers, Olly Penrice. Post Extras: Harveymeister super member.. ..Cone to Rosette widefield. [Re: ollypenrice ] #.. - ndex5

  • Telescope Reviews: CGEM 800 or Advance 9.25 ?  (97k)  - both short, widefield photography and long focal length planet imaging in regular f 10 mode... - ndex11

  • Telescope Reviews: New member, already refractor nut  (75k)  -  ..and only occasionally widefield photography with the 70 mm ED and DSLR. I also started to.. - ndex10

  • Telescope Reviews: Which Canon?  (43k)  -  ..for regular "daytime" photography just fine BTW. Sure, you can do some nice widefield shots of constellations with an unmodded.. - ndex15

  • Telescope Reviews: Purchasing 10" primary mirror  (96k)  -  ..barndoor tracker for widefield with a DSLR . That is a lot of photography for little. I am not aware.. - ndex11

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