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What is
a Mural?

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    A work of art painted or applied on the surface of a wall as public art by a muralist. The artwork is created to be in harmony with the building design and is intended to make a socio-political statement about the community or region where it's located. Boldly painted, murals make a strong statement and can be realistic paintings of historical events, beautiful scenery or abstract ideas. The objective of most public murals is to uplift the community, add interest & beauty and to educate.
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About the Honey Bee Hive

     The Good of the Hive is an artistic initiative founded by Matthew Willey on a personal commitment to hand-paint 50,000 honeybees in murals around the world.

     Matt says, "The Good of the Hive Initiative begins with the struggle of the honeybees, but it also views the hive as a metaphor for communities of people. Honeybees within the hive "think" collectively; their immune system is collective: the health of the individual is based on the health of the collective. Whether that community is an actual honeybee hive or a community of human artists, kids in a school, military veterans, women with cancer, marginalized people or the American people as a whole, the health and success of the individual relies heavily on the connections within the group and consequently between the groups within the greater society. When we connect, we thrive." This is the message of The Good of the Hive Initiative...   Full Article Here

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Mural Art News
    "NFTs have been a thing for years, but recently it's been exploding," says Seattle-based digital sculptor Sam Clover, aka Planttdaddii. Clover started selling her artworks "GIFs and JPEGs of psychedelic flora and fauna" as NFTs in October last year. These days, her works routinely sell for 2 ETH (more than $3,000) on platforms like SuperRare and Foundation.   article source

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