5 WPA New Deal Post Office Murals

5 New Deal Post Office Murals  

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Appalachia PO WPA Mural Appalachia, VA
Mural Description
The historic post office in Appalachia, Virginia houses an example of New Deal artwork: a mural entitled "Appalachia". The Treasury Section of Fine Arts commissioned the work, which was created by Lucile Blanch. The mural was completed and installed in the post office lobby in 1940. Blanch was one of the few artists who... more

Location: 534 W. Main Street
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US Post Office New Deal Mural Stuart, VA
Mural Description
John E. Costigan's "Receiving the Mail on the Farm" was installed in the Stuart, Virginia Post Office in 1942. This mural is the third of three very similar post office murals completed by Costigan and commissioned by the Section of Fine Arts of the U.S. Department of the Treasury as part of the New Deal public works. The other two were installed in... more

Location: 101 N. Main St.
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New Deal Post Office Mural Luray, VA
Mural Description
This mural is found in the Post Office and is one of 28 public paintings done in Virginia between 1937 & 1941 to celebrate, in art, the best of American Culture... more

Location: 102 S. Broad St.
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US Post Office Historic Mural Boone, NC
Mural Description
Inside the historic downtown Boone Post Office, the mural "Daniel Boone on a Hunting Trip" by the noted muralists, Alan Tompkins, depicts the town s famous namesake with locals who gaze with keen anticipation from the frontier to the wilderness. The mural was commissioned by the Federal Arts Project program in 1940 as a part of the New Deal Art movement. Through this program, art was chosen for... more

Location: 680 West King St.
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US Post Office New Deal Mural Lincolnton, NC
Mural Description
"Threshing Grain" was painted by Richard H. Jansen in 1938. The mural measures 14' wide by 4'6" high with a total approximate area of 63 square feet. Jansen used the medium oil on canvas, and completed the mural in... more

Location: 326 E. Main St.
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     5 WPA New Deal Post Office Murals

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     5 WPA New Deal Post Office Murals

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